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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day With Rachel

We headed to Pattaya and had to stop and have breakfast in one of dad's and my favorite spots. We both had the same meal but Rachel had to eat all the toast as I can't. (isn't she beautiful - no more braces! It only took 7+ years but her teeth look good.)

Then we headed just south of Pattaya to the floating market. Now, many of you have likely been here before but not me and I have lived here for 5 years. (it is only about 40 minutes from our home) I had to pedal her around in this silly contraption. :) We had only bought fans as it was a hot day.

Then, of course, we had to finish with a relaxing foot massage. Somehow, in the heat it just isn't the same as in an air conditioned room. They did a good job, don't get me wrong....


Unwanted Visitor

Lil' Esther walked out our front door on Saturday afternoon and was daydreaming as usual when................. AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!!! Yah right, what is mom going to do? I won't run from a snake but I don't want them in my house. He was just over 2 feet long. These 3 brave boys looked after things; David tried to mop the snake away, Steve did sweep it off the step and then Mark flicked it with the broom handle over into the next yard. They were our hero's for the day. He was pretty though. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sporting a new Apron from Jenner

I was spoiled from our daughter in Canada, she knew I could always use an apron over here. The kids always ask mom if she will make pumpkin with curry...... they know it is one of my favorites. Hey, if they ask me to make it then perhaps they won't have to cook. All the older kids to do take turns cook
ing at times. Even the four little kids are getting really good at making rice. Here Ruth was helping mom cut up fruit for a fruit salad for dessert. We were having some guests over for dinner. We do have fun and just so you know, the apron is reversible..... the kids wanted me to wear it with the flowers out but I just thought it was too busy for the shirt I was wearing. Oh yah, I am just so fashionable! Love you Jenner........ Thank YOU!!! XOXOXO

Lil' Stories

Peter...21 years old
He has just finished his 2nd year at Bible College. He is working part-time at 7/11 over the school break, he doesn't like it much but he is trying to stay focused. He works 6 days per week for 10 hour shifts........ long and tedious!

Steve...19 years old(20 in September)
He is in his last year of high school. He is on a work practicum right now, through his school. He loves the work but finds it very tiring. He is one of the quieter kids.

Naomi...19 years old
She is in her last year of high school. She is also working part time at 7/11 which we would like her to quit but she wants to keep working. She is hoping to go to University next year, for 4 years, I believe. We don't see her much except at around midnight every night when she gets home.... I don't know how she does it, I have a very hard time keeping awake to pick her up from work.

Mark..... 17 years old
Everyone thinks Mark is the oldest as he is definitely the tallest. He is growing in to an awesome young man, on fire for God and very involved with the Youth Ministry and the worship teams.

David....14 years old
Wanting to be grown up so badly. He is working hard at playing guitar and is doing fantastic. And David loves to cook, making different dishes too!

Hannah........ 13 years old(going on 30 sometimes)
Priceless, the other day I was taking the kids out for a swim at Pattaya Park and as we are driving she says she can't figure something out. What? Well, she says, "Mom, you only have 2 feet but you have 3 pedals to drive, don't you need another foot?" I lost it, she had been contemplating it for a while before she asked me. Too, funny - I told her that I just turn my feet sideways so I can reach all 3 pedals at once......lol

Alan..... 11 years old
He is our new bass player in the kids band. He is a fantastic help around the house. He is one of those kids that makes strange noises or loud ones just to get attention. They all have their little quirks but I how love them all.

Victor....12 years old(13 in July)
Vic is one of those kids that can take anything apart and put it back together better, faster, and greater then before.(I sure hope he never gets hold of my sewing machine!) He will never go hunger. He is one I must never forget to give him his hug - everyday or he just doesn't function properly the following day.

Ruth... 12 years old(for the 2nd year in a row - her birth certificate was wrong?!)
Ruth is a huge helper around the house. She is a real joy. She is fantastic at translating for mom too! And, what a prayer warrior she is becoming....... so grown up!

Esther...8 years old(9 next week)
Everyone loves Esther, she isn't a follower and she isn't pushy or bossy........ she is just beautiful. Here, she was not tired, she wasn't going to fall asleep. So precious!

Isaac...8 years old.
One day he came and told me he was going to fast not the next lunchtime, but the next one.(supper) Supper time came, I called him, he was playing with domino's on the floor and he said "No Mom, I am fasting - remember?!" Well, you don't play while you fast, you need to read your Bible, so off he went and read his Bible. He has fasted 2 times so far - he might not understand the whole concept but he is growing. :)
Last night, he came home from school and said "Mom, I hope it was okay, but the snack you gave me, I forgot to eat it. At the end of the day I took it out of my backpack, but I gave it all to my friend mom cuz he didn't have any food. Is that okay? Praise God, what a blessing Isaac is!

Jessica...7 years old(8 in August)
Never stops coloring 'I love you Mom' pictures... She never wants to be left out of everything but becomes a little overbearing because of it. She will learn.... she loves to help and be in the middle of everything. Or should I say, she wants all the attention from everyone.

Matthew.... 6years old
Full of life, laughter and stories. He is in grade one this year so he is now in the big kids school. He was such a softy, now he tends to fight the strong fight........ he will have to learn the middle area. Fun and games!