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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Kids

Jason came to Thailand to hang out with Mom & his Thai brothers & sisters. The ones that were available he took paint balling. They look pretty tough - they were!
Victor, Matthew, Ruth, David, Isaac, Naomi, Hannah, Esther & Jason

Dad's Many Faces...

Too cute not to share.....

after welding in the dark - he had a big electrical jolt from the welder......

hubby & Dad......

just coming out of the bush on a missions trip.....

Peter, Ruth & Hannah saying by at the airport.

Our Visitor - Yikes!

Matthew 7 years old & Isaac 9 years old came pounding on my door one morning "Mommy, there is a big, Big, BIG snake with four legs in the back of the house......... and this is what I found....

I am not a specialist in this area but I have been told this is a MONITOR DRAGON...
whatever it is, is moves very fast and is very BIG. He ended up getting on the top of our fence, teetering and then falling on the other side - in the jungle - and we just saw the trees & grass moving as he darted away..... never to be seen again, we hope.

Canadian Team

from Logan Lake. We were so blessed - they worked, played and loved hard. 

Cathy & Diane.... at the Zoo in Sriracha.

My helper with parging the walls in our new bathroom.

Thank You Cathy, Diane, Pastor Harry & Tim for all your help and love. We love you!!

Steve & Naomi

Steve & Naomi in Grade 12, as part of a show for Sports Day, were required to dress & dance with their classes. One of many Thai traditional dresses.


So, instead of grounding the kids for skipping school, Dad decided digging stumps would be more beneficial. The kids make a game out of it in the end anyway but at least we got 3 stumps dug up out of the front yard.




A New Grey Water Tank

We did hire someone to put in the new tank as Mom & the kids just couldn't do it on their own. Well, we could but it would of taken us a very, very long time. The kids sure love to learn and to help out.

Kids busy playing

Okay, Steve wasn't playing as it was his turn to do the dishes. Since this picture was taken, Steve has moved into a small apartment, opposite street from 7/11 where he is working. He isn't very far from home and comes home when ever we have a big meal for all the family.

The kids have many, many different games they play on the front driveway. They do have fun.

It is good that we have a long driveway as the older boys like to play ball, not skip, etc. 

It sure looks like there are some attitudes here. :)

Yard Work

David has become the official cutter of ALL the grass. He does an awesome job and it takes him all day to do the whole yard. Victor has now started to lend a helping hand and is getting pretty good at cutting too. (he is not in the picture)

Of course, this is how the girls and younger kids help with yard work. :) Victor is the one in yellow - they were trying to break off the bamboo as it was hanging down to the ground. Bamboo is very tough.