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Monday, September 25, 2006

Everything is fine with us... we are not in any danger! The army has taken over the government buildings in Thailand and they are just telling us to all stay away from that area - although it is a peaceful coup. We went to Bangkok a couple of days ago (looking for jeep parts) and the only signs we saw were soldiers at all the toll booths on the highway. Picture this - soldiers, in full army attire and fully armed with rifles, with a yellow ribbon tied around the rifle to prove it is a peaceful coup (the yellow ribbon represents that they have full consent from the King, making it peaceful). Okay, I really don't feel that soldiers in full attire look peaceful at all but that is what they are saying.

The building - Lighthouse - is coming along slowly. In Thai standards, I guess it is coming along very quickly. We are waiting for the windows to be put in as every time it rains the place fills with water. Then they will be doing the final paint job on the interior. THEN, we get to get moving on filling the rooms with furniture. We haven't been having a lot of luck getting furniture at good prices. We have spent a lot of time scouting around for mattresses and bunk beds - they are just to pricey for our budget so we have been blessed in finding enough used beds and small matresses. We will be giving the medal frames a fresh paint job and planning on getting new bedding - likely making it. The closet cupboards are very pricey so now we are looking into the lumber and metal to build them - checking out supplies is so time consuming, but when you have so many to buy or build it will be worth it in the long run. We believe that most of the budget will be going into the kitchen cabinets. (these are like our ar-miores with some drawers) Then there will be curtains to make, bathrooms to supply, etc.

We have been spending more time with the kids, we give English lessons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. We have supper with them and starting at that time we all are only allowed to speak English. The younger children have a much harder time of understanding us but they are all very willing. On Thursday, we have family night when everyone can share their concerns, needs, etc. It is also our Prayer and Worship night - the kids have really come a long way with their music since we were here in December/January. They sound fantastic. (not that they didn't before)

They are all very good at getting home, doing their chores, and homework. Here is a picture of the older kids doing homework at the dining room table. The oldest is in grade 10.


As we have told you, we are furtunate enough to have a place to call home - El 1, Alan and Terry's home. I just thought I would include a picture of four of the kids that are staying here at present, one was not home at the time, there is five altogether. Christopher, our nephew from Saskatoon, is heading to the Philippines at the beginning of November to work with Continuum Media.

Alan and Terry are both here right now too, Terry just arrived here yesterday. The conference is starting October 9th so things are very busy in that part of the ministry. We are also involved in that area too. Anywhere we can be a help - that is what we are here for. Praise God!


Thank goodness we have had a lot of rain - it has slowed the building progress some and it may slow the traffic a wee bit, but it sure has been nice. The temperature is still hot but the rain just makes you think it is cooler. The rainy season is just about over though and now we will be going into the hot season. Remember, they only have 3 seasons over here: Hot(winter), Hotter(rainy season), and Hottest(April, May). So ya, it has been real nice. Here is a picture of driving over to El2 the other day around 5pm. Daylight hours are from 6am to 6pm - really makes for short days.

We do love to hear from friends and family, our email address is;


and our mailing address is;

c/o Box 64

Sriracha, Chonburi,

Thailand. 20110

We also have a phone number here in Thailand in case anyone is headed this way;


God Bless you all and do pray for our safety and guidance from God so that we may serve and bless people all around the world.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Arrived safe and sound in Thailand

This is the first time we have posted in our own blog - so it could be really interesting in how it shows up - practice makes perfect.
Our trip over here was great - on the first plane, 747, we didn't even feel the take off or landing it was so smooth. The second, 777, did a little dance as we landed in Bangkok but I think that was the pilot/wind/? not the planes fault. Anyway, we made it and tried to sleep most the way so that we would be ready to just giver once arriving. Not likely.........jet lag has hit us pretty hard this time. It is around 33C so not much different from home, but it is very humid - we are fairly well drenched all the time right now. We also are waking up at 3am ready to go - we are planning on pushing ourselves to stay up later tonight.
Everything is in full swing around here. The construction at the 'Lighthouse' (the new childrens home) is in full swing. The college also has some construction going on as they have more students and are needing more class rooms. The boys that are attending school this term will be renting at the Lighthouse as the college has grown. The rooms are not quite ready yet and they need to be moved into them today - Dave has gone to help move beds and the wardrobe closets. The college starts this coming tuesday.
Our work week is from tuesday to saturday with monday being our day off as that is the only way the staff and missionaries could get anything done they needed to get done. Stores, banks, etc don't open up around here until 11am and only on certain days - very different.
We have made it over to the Lighthouse a few times to measure rooms, windows, etc - a little overwhelming at this point but we will get a handle on it by next tuesday I am sure.
We have been over to El Shaddai 2 a couple of times but there has been no one around. We will be heading there this afternoon as we have to get on track with the parents. We will wait until they have picked up the kids from school so we will get a chance to see them all. Tomorrow we will spend the whole day with them and on sunday morning we get to go with them to the Thai church service, should be interesting. (we will also go to the evening english one)
I will attempt to attach a couple of pictures of the new childrens home 'The Lighthouse', I do hope I do it properly. The bottom left picture is of the kitchen with a door to the outside as they cook outside, the picture on the lower right is of the boys bedroom, and the picture at the beginning is the outside of the building. All the floors are tile(of many different colors) and of course the bathrooms are all tiled too. The top 4 floors are units for rent, which include a bedroom area, a bathroom that has a toilet and wall shower(not enclosed) and a balcony that has a bathroom sink and little mirror. (not sure why the sink is outside, but that is the way they do things over here)
It all looks great as it is new. Alot of drywall, painting and tiling are still left to be done and of course the yard work. It will be a real challenge to get things organized and finished on time - the October conference. (we are hoping to have some of the rooms finished so that guests will be able to stay in them).

The last evening in Kamloops

Orlund made us chicken stir fry
with noodles
Jenner made us sushi for our last
dinner - it was great!

They are cute to!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

On Sept 3, 2006
Mom, Dad, Orlund and I headed over to Vancouver after church and a quick lunch.
Once we arrived, there were a couple hours to waste before needing to go to the airport which gave Dad a quick nap and us all a nice dinner.

In the picture above we were already at the airport one full hour before we could even check in. That's expected when travelling with Dad- always wanting to be extra early.

Mom and I look in a real hurry, and we were. The bathroom we'd headed to wasn't there so we needed to find one in a hurry, I really needed to go to the washroom.

Above Orlund getting close with an eva air stewardess. She's a bit stiff looking eh?
(she's made out of cardboard)

Mom and I made our own seat. Notice still no one else in line?
We were very early!

Mom and Dad- that's all your stuff?
Who packed for you? :P

Looking a bit tired!
This was around 11:30pm had been up since 7am.

Mom and Dad about to take off- looking tired, but ready to get the long trip over.

Just being cute!

Last minute wave - before boarding around midnight.
Orlund and I headed back to the hotel.

Mom and Dad did have a good trip and are safely in Thailand now.

God bless everyone!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

We will miss you guys!

Hello everyone, this is a blog to keep all friends and family updated on the wonderful things of God, Terry and Dave Wharf are doing. I just wanted to write alittle something while I still have the chance (I, Jennifer set up this blog for them).
Hi mom and dad! I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm so proud of you and glad for what God's doing in your lives. I'll miss you like crazy but I know God has so many things in store for you and for me that everything will come together perfectly.
God bless, Love you!
Your Sunshine
ps- I hope everyone else enjoys all the stories found here!