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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kindergarten Sports Day

We started at the park at 6am, getting organized for the big parade..... it was
Kindergarten Sport Day!!

Matthew is the lil' guy with the biggest smile, under the sign. He is so excited as this is his first sports day and he is on the 'red' team. Jessica is ready to go, she is the one looking straight at the camera and on the 'blue' team.

We leave the park in a parade, down the busy street, with all the kids and their parents (I wasn't told that we were to wear the same color as our child..... good thing as I wouldn't of had a 'blue/red' top)

We ended up at this big gymnasium - a concrete building - vibrating with the drums, trumphets, shouts, screams, laughing, crying sounds of 500+ kids, parents and teachers. Wow, what an awesome experience to be part of it all!
Jessica was a cheerleader, plus she ran in many races. Matthew was a bench cheerer plus also running in various races.

Yes, our kids did fantastic.......... they both came home with 3 medals and 3 gifts........ they were so excited.

I was fortunate enough to have one of our older girls, Rachel, spend the day with us too. The kids gave us a medal and gift too because we stayed and played with them. What a great day!!