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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Camp 2009

October is the kids 'term' break at school................ one month at home, thank goodness for Family Camp. This year we went south to Nakhom Sri Tammarat, a 13 hour drive for us, me and 15 kids.

The truck is loaded and the kids are excited to meet up with their friends again.

We left Sunday afternoon, but I found the drive long as I was not feeling well. We stopped in a little town after 6 hours of driving and found an inexpensive Motel. (A nice Thai couple that understood that we really needed a place to stay the night.) We were cozy but the kids loved it - they could watch T.V.
We were able to rent 3 rooms for all of us........ we did have favor! The kids were great and after a trip to 7/11 for treats, watching a bit of T.V. everyone was asleep early.

The next day was a long drive getting on the road at around 8:30am........... we arrived at camp at 6pm. We actually drove directly to the school where the camp was being held. A beautiful setting........... we were staying at an 'old' highschool - it is still being used but definetly not the best living quarters!!
Our rooms, classrooms, were on the 3rd floor on one building. The meeting room was 3 buildings over and the dining room 4 buildings over.

Our rooms............. no mattresses, no air con, and only 2 fans for 12 of us. Okay, maybe we are getting a little spoiled, but we like spoiled!
This is our bedroom, with two lil' ones(Jessica & Matthew) that physically fell asleep in a chair in the meeting room. This was around 7pm on the last day. Aren't they beautiful!! My bed was next to Jessica and brother Al's bed was next to Matthew - yes, we both complained(to each other) how much both of these kids move during the night. I got punched in the face, in the depths of my sleep. Al got kicked.... oh well, I guess we are even.

Next let me tell you about the bathrooms............ no sinks that worked; showers, brushing teeth and potty were all done in this very confined area................
On the right is the squatty potty, with the dipper, in the left picture. The front bucket on the left is for the shower........ and somewhere there, we brush our teeth too! This is the part that I really, really have trouble with, but we do survive.

Here is couple of pictures of one of our meetings.

Of course, the kids love to pose for pictures and take pictures........... I think there were 250 extra pictures on my camera. They are just so cute!!

Caleb & Matthew








Then there were the 'football' games, girls team: mothers against female teenagers and boys teams: fathers and pastors against male teenagers.

Ruth, on the left, loves playing football and she is good!! Naimo is in the yellow......... what are they looking at?? It was fun to watch.

Mary, in the striped top, was the only one that scored in the womens game................go Mary go!!!! And she usually doesn't play.

All and all we had a great time at camp. The only thing we really disliked is that we came home with 'red' eye as they call it in Thailand. I remember our cows having pink eye and dad spraying it will some purple stuff..... I don't know if they have that in Thailand or not. Anyway, I believe only 4 of the kids haven't got it, but it is NOT over yet............. Mom has it right now! URGH!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tea with Grandma

Grandma Terry invited all her granddaughters to tea. They all arrived in their beautiful dresses, adorned in the 'party' hats Grandma had given them. The girls on the sofa our our's; front to back: Esther, Jessica, Ruth, and Hannah. Grandma had special tea, with lots of sugar and all kinds of goodies. The girls loved it.

Grandma and all her little princesses!!
Left to right: Backrow: Julia, Tammy, Grandma, Jessica, Ruth, Joy
Frontrow: Debbie, Esther, Jubilee, Hannah


A Big THANK YOU to all that gave for John's medical bills.

John is smiling in this picture but believe me it was only for the picture. He had fallen down a flight of stairs at school and broke his leg in two place. In the Government Hospital, where John was, they do not have the nicest bedside manner. He was in so much pain and it took them 2 hours before they gave him anything to relieve the pain. They were moving him this way and that as he was screaming............ not fun!! You can likely count the stitches he had. I wish I had got a picture before he had them removed - they were like the big staples we use in Canada for barbed wire fences!! He now has a metal plate in his leg. John is doing great and on Monday, November 2nd we return for another x-ray of his leg. We are believing for total healing !

John has one of those contagious smiles.............. he is holding up a empty bottle of rubbing alcohol. (We put this on his scar for a couple of weeks, with new dressing. )

Thank you again................ what a Blessing you are!!