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Sunday, June 16, 2013

October 2012 A Children's Day with Hand2Hand in Pattaya

Thanks to our awesome friend and sister Margie; our kids had an incredible day in Pattaya with hundreds of other kids.

 Having fun shooting for prizes...

 I think they got a prize for everything they participated in
 ...Isaac, Matthew & Esther...
 With the group from Hand2Hand.
 How high can you jump?
 Time out to notice the beautiful sun rays and picture of a ??
 There were many different shows they watched.
 Looks like Isaac is doing it all by himself :) 
 Oh, the food and ice cream was none stop all day.
 Can you tell by the grins which part was the bestest for the two older boys?

A rest from all the activities, just outside the gates.

October 2012 Plumbing

L & T Plumbers to the rescue!!!!

Life in Thailand = when you have a problem you fix it yourself.

 ....not a fun area to work in!

Thanks to Miss Lynne we got the job done speedily.

October 2012 A New Washing Machine

I guess when you do as many loads of laundry per day as we do, the washing machine just doesn't last as long as you had hoped. Church on the Hill in Logan Lake came through quickly. 

 The kids love that you can watch when the clothes are being washed... so cool!
.. the house they get after is the best present of all. (says the kids..)

October 2012 Isaac's Birthday

Isaac turns 10!
....silly grin...
 ...the girls grins....
 ...the cake and song...
 ....Matthew, the toothless wonder...
 ...serving cake with whipping cream....

Mom and the kids

October 2012 Fun With Miss Lynne

Miss Lynne from Logan Lake came and stayed with us for three weeks. What fun!

How we love to worship with students at the International Church.

OCTOBER School Break:
Miss Lynne & Mom took the kids to a resort - Eco Resort, Khoa Yai, Thailand.
A beautiful, secluded resort!

AND the kids, they just wanna have fun :)

 Miss Lynne & Mom relaxing...
 A bike trip to a cave...
Ruth, David, Esther  Isaac

August 2012 The Jeep

Restoration on the jeep.

In preparation for painting at the body shop. The cover is a little rustic but they make do with what they have available.

August 2012 - 7 Weeks in Asia

Dave & I were blessed & able to travel with the youth, 7 Weeks in Asia, to Cambodia in 2012.

Naomi was able to go on the complete 7 Weeks trip. Here she is very excited about flying for the first time in her life.

Naomi and most of the 7 Weeks team.... in preparation for their trip to the Philippines and then on to Malaysia.

Here we arrive in the slums in Cambodia. The orange color in the children's hair is from malnutrition.

After a short children's story in their church we prayed for the children.

The 7 Weeks Team playing games with the children. 

The kids totally devoured the food that was set before them. They were fighting amongst themselves as none want to go without. They are hungry....

You can't help how these big, brown eyes and beautiful smiles tug at your heart.

The eyes speak a million words! So precious!

Later we were able to do some site seeing in the ancient ruins of Angkor, Cambodia. Magnificent and amazing. We walked for hours and took many pictures. 

Us and the team.

Us and Naomi.

Just the girls.

 Our hostesses, Harley, Makara and Noah. What a beautiful, loving family and we thank them for all they did for us. Thanks guys and God Bless!