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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Strong and Mighty

Our God is so BIG, so STRONG and so MIGHTY, 
there's nothing our God cannot do - for me or 

Every Tuesday evening we join Hand To Hand Ministry 
in the Goh Pai Village Church.  God is amazing and we 
have seen how He has changed the lives of the people 
in the community. Our kids lead worship, pray, translate 
and help out in the children's church. Thank you Margie.

On occasion we get to help out in the Hand to Hand 
Ministry, in the preschool. The kids love our kids and 
we thrive on helping out. (mom and dad too)

Helping out Kim and Anchalee in Northern Thailand.
It was such a dry season we removed the fish from a small 
pond to where they could be fed. The water was stale 
and too warm for them to survive.

One of many mechanical jobs dad taught this year. 
Here David is learning how to rebuild(included painting)
 an air compressor for the village where we live.

Here mom is teaching David the art of tiling - like mom knows 
how. Where is the professionals when we need them? :)
This is in our new outside kitchen the boys had built last year.

The registration of the Home Schooling did not go as we had hoped.
We have now registered the five youngest kids in a government 
school for Sunday mornings. In doing this, they are registered 
legally and we are continuing with Home Schooling. They don't 
have to attend, except for odd outings with other students to give 
them community service hours, which is very positive. We 
are continuing Home Schooling and the government is impressed 
with our curriculum, but because they are registered in a government 
school we don't have to register the Home School. 
Thank you for all your prayers as this ended in a smooth transition.

God has been moving mightily in our midst. 
"Let our deeds, love, faith, service and perseverance now be 
greater than at first." Revelation 2:19
Our family will pursue those things which will bring peace 
and we will lift others up, edifying one another. (Rom 14:19)

We love you! We pray and hope this finds you healthy 
and strong. Thank you for being there for us, we 
could never accomplish His work without 

God Bless

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                                        and He will perform it.
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