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Sunday, December 13, 2015


PRAISE report…..
….WOW~is our first response to our Heavenly Father. Second is a huge, heart given THANKS. Our Lord tells us to first seek Him, His righteousness, His kingdom and all these things will be given to us. Sometimes we put Him in a box but He just won’t fit! He is far bigger than he that is in this world, far bigger than we can imagine. We, as a family, were praying for finances. He has supplied food, money, love and our prayers are answered. Thank you too, for your partnership, in finances and in prayer. A three way union is the most powerful!     
The kids love doing worship at the church. They are all involved, with Ruth doing the introductions and reports. The bass is just as big as Matthew. They all are practicing hard and you can hear the results.
We have been very busy once again preparing for government meetings. We first went to the government office and spoke with the head fellow of this office. He was very helpful and wants to help us in every way. This was on November 19. At that time we set up for the next meeting on December 9th with the government officials that we will be dealing with our Learning Center.
We had much preparation to do in our home. Here is a picture of work being done in our home while others are working on schoolwork, on the computers. We do make due whether people are standing above us on a ladder or not.  These kids are such troopers! They always make a game out of everything.
On the 9th morning we were in meetings with 16 government officials. Two of them, from Bangkok, were there to support us. It was a very interesting morning indeed. Lots of arguing back and forth – the government officers, not us. In the end, nothing was accomplished. We had lunch together at their office, ending in peace.

Then we headed to our ‘Learning Center’, we can no longer call it our home. They questioned the kids, made them do silly things (in our minds), and looked at their work. In the end they called us angels and said we are doing good. They do have to find something wrong, which they are working on. On Monday the 14th, we have more officers coming to our home. We believe for favor and will get the registration for our Learning Center, but not until May 2016.

We are teaching English at the new Chonburi Thai Church on Saturday’s. At present we have only four children but we are believing for more after Christmas.
Our kids, along with mom are teaching the kids through the Word of God, singing, dancing, printing, and crafts. Over Christmas we are doing neighborhood outreaches, which will help the people to get to know us.

Bang Saen, where our home is situated, is an area that has many Thai events. In November there was car racing for one week. We could hear them from our home. We did walk there one day just to see as the kids have never seen anything like it. They were very impressed. We have since found out it happens every year.

We thank God daily for His love and promises. We live by faith, not by sight. His word does not return void. We pray we glorify Him in everyway. Hallelujah!

Prayer Requests – We confess God’s Word by faith and He will perform it.
  •             Registration of Learning Centre (favor with the government)
  •       Monthly finances
  •            To become stronger fishermen
  •            Thanking the Lord for the victory in the Name of Jesus!

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