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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pattaya Park Silliness

While Dad was in Thailand we treated the kids to a trip to Pattaya Water Park - they just love it!!

We arrived at 10am and already is was well above 30c, so at first it is time to lather on the suntan lotion. They kids have now learned that you must have it on or you will be in a lot of pain.... doesn't take us long, does it?!

The older kids spend a lot of their time under the bridge in the shade or sitting by the table. They really dislike getting darker.

The bottom 5 kids are ours... usually the guy, up top, wouldn't let them come down with more then two but it wasn't very busy in the morning so he was allowing it. The kids sure do like the slides.

Then the kids need something
different to do so they pick 'mom' to work on. They think hairdressing would be a good idea. Ouch!! Specially taking the elastics out. It wasn't bad when there was just one child but they tend to come in clumps! Oh well, all in fun - and aren't I just the cutest............ okay, the oldest! :) Esther who is the lil girl on the right in both pics looked at me very, very seriously and said "Mom, I don't like your hair........... you look like a BOY........... I don't want you to ever cut it again!!!" She was very direct and stern........... all I could do was laugh. They do know what they want or what they want you to do. We all had a fantastic day and I believe Dave & I were the only ones worse for wear - both sunburned (yes, we put lotion on a few times) and just tired! Can you imagine?!
In the end, all the kids were tucked in bed and this is what we woke up to the next morning.... by the time I got the camera most of the color had dissappeared, but it is still beautiful!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joy arrives in Thailand - Jenner too!!

Our granddaughter and daughter.................from Canada

Here they come............. we have been waiting for a year

.............................. that is a long time in the eyes of a child!

Yippee, they arrive safe and sound. (sorry the pic is so dark)

We sure didn't have to worry about keeping Joy busy........ there were 16 others taking care of that .

And was she ever pooped at the end of the day... What a sweetie, eh?!?!

The baths are a little different in Thailand - we only have showers (at least in our house) so Joy was taking her baths in this tub, which she didn't particularly care for.
Oh, Jenner's hair - that was done in Canada........XO

AND......... Grandma's get to spoil them don't they?? YES!!!!!!!!!!! (specially when I don't get to see her very often.

Oh, incase you were wondering what we did while they were in Thailand - well, we put Jenner to work and work and work. Oh, that isn't all, we went to Pattaya Water Park, the Zoo, for massages, shopping, had our nails done..... and just hung out!!

Then it all has to end and off to Canada they went.................. All the kids want for Christmas now is "Baby Joy" - they want her to live here! I am sure it would be fine for the parents to come too!!!! We really loved having the two of them here, a big "Thank You" to Orlund(dad and hubby) wish you could of come too!! There is ALWAYS a next time. :)))))