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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Apostolic Momentum 2006 Conference started in Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand October 9th at 6:30pm and went to October 12th at 9:00pm. How powerful and mighty it was! It was a celebration of Alan and Terry serving in Thailand for 25 years. It has been such a blessing to be part of that celebration.

The Asian nations came together. There were Pastors and guests from Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar(Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Canada and the US. (I apologize if I have forgotten anyone) Each Pastor was able to share their visions of what is happening in their regions and where they are planning on growing.

There were great afternoon sessions, for three days, that you could attend to in either English and Thai - it is just to bad that you couldn't go to them all. Very awesome teachings.

Pastor Al received his doctorate, presented by Dr. George Hill of Victory Churches. So, it is now Dr. Alan Purvis!

It was a fantastic conference - it gets everyone stirred up and ready to get to work, to study, to pray, to serve and to love.

The Canadian Tour

Dave and I were the Hosts of a Canadian Tour of 11 people that came for the conference and a missions tour. They arrived on Ocober 8th and left on October 21st. We were so fortunate to be able to be apart of their team, 9 from Lethbridge and 2 from Edmonton(Harland and Loretta Hendricksons - the founders of A&D World Missions). They were a team of prayer warriors, praying for the speakers, worship team, and all visitors of the conference.

After the conference we spent sometime in Sriracha with the El Shaddai 2 family, cleaning in the new building (the Lighthouse), scraping paint off the floors and washing them.
We also spent time with the students at the Bible College and doing a prayer walk in Pataya in the middle of the most depressing, demonic place in the world of prostitution. It is so very sad.

On October 16th we(Becky Watson-Al & Terrys daughter- and Dave and I) took them on tour, heading north where we had taken our team last year. Becky is the BESTEST translator and neice too! We did see some tourist things such as the Floating market in Bangkok, travel by train from Kanchanabury to Numtok and then travel (by van) on to the P. Guest House in Sangklaburi. We stayed there two nights, making sure we got in the tour on elephants and the bamboo raft trip.(the water was faster and more of it as it was the end of the rainy season)
We did some walking and praying around to the various churches and orphanages. From there we headed to Kanchanaburi - the River Kwae - and went to the 2nd World War Museum and Cemetery. Then we had dinner and a service at the Victory Church in Kanchanaburi. Spent the night there and then headed to Sampran Elephant ground and zoo where we saw an elephant show and crocodile farm. We then headed to Bangkok and stayed in the Baiyoke Sky Hotel(the tallest building in Bangkok which I don't ever want to go back to). We stayed there two nights giving everyone a chance to spend a day shopping in the night market before heading back to Canada. We also took in the Grand Palace Tour, which was very interesting. All and all we had a very busy trip but most importantly we want to thank each and everyone that was on the tour as you have blessed us in many ways. (yes, we will see you all in August at the conference in Lethbridge) we love you all!!


It is always great to get home and now have been home for a couple of days and have just put Al and Terry on the plane to Canada. Some pretty wet eyes this morning but they both need to get away for some rest and relaxation. We will all miss them here but we will move onward and work together and get things done.