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Friday, October 24, 2008


Peter.....18 years old.
Okay, he is going to ask me to remove this one picture, but it is okay for kids to be kids! He will laugh about it. Peter loves playing guitar and he is an awesome Worship leader. He graduates in 2 weeks with big plans ahead........will keep you posted. He is a real blessing to have in our family!

Ruth.....10 years old
She is a piece-maker in the home. She loves to look pretty but look out if there is a football game happening - she is there! She is very smart and is learning the English language very fast. Look at that beautiful smile!

Mary.....19 years old.
She is the oldest child in the house. She is so beautiful and a great help for mom. She is trying to figure out what she wants to do; work for mom, go get a job - but what would she like to do?? Questions, questions.

Steve.............17 years old.
He is 'hot' so the kids at school say. He is very quiet and loves to play guitar. Naomi and Steve both needed glasses to see the blackboard at school - are they not cute?! He is a good brother and gets along with everyone well.

Jessica.........4 years old. She is in Kindergarten 2
and loving school. Her teacher thinks she is so special as she can speak English so well. She did spend a long time with Mom & Dad alone, so she picked up the language very fast. She loves to dress up and be pretty or dress in someones bigger shoes. She is beautiful!

Matthew......4 years old.
The youngest in our family and as you can see a happy lil' guy. What a change we have seen in him. He is the only one at home during the day so he keeps mom entertained. He loves to go shopping(for groceries), to bake cookies, go to the park, he just likes to be busy.

Caleb...........15 years old. He must be always on the move as all the pictures I have of him are a blurrrrr. Caleb is an excellent student, we are trying to push him in a better direction as he would love just to take it easy. He loves to play sports and is on the track team at school. He is one of the first of our kids to get out front and play football(soccer).

Naomi.....16 years old
She is beautiful and is wanting to grow up faster then her years. She is the top in her class in school and works hard at it. Naomi likes to tease which does get her in trouble at times but she is a loveable huggable girl.

Victor.....10 years old.
What a joyful son. He always has a big smile, although at times it is because of his sneakiness, and he loves the hugs. He is always building something out of scraps, very creative.

David......11 years old. How he loves playing football(soccer) and he is good at it too. On the left he was really creative when we were doing some Christmas crafts. He does extremely well in school and all the kids love him.

Esther ...... 5 years old......she really is a beautiful light in our family. She is in Kindergarden 3 and is absolutely loving school. She has been blessed with the art of talking......non-stop talking or singing.(you would think she was related!) It is very, very rare to ever see Esther upset, she just loves everyone and everything.

Isaac..........6 years old.
He is our 'monkey' in all ways! He can climb anything or anybody faster than you can say his name. Oh, we had to shave his head, on the right, as one day when he was supposed to be napping -- him and Matthew thought they should cut their hair ----whew, they made a real mess and this was the only fix-it solution. Isaac needs the hugs and gives them. One eye always need to be in his direction or poof - he is gone.............busy, busy!!

John..........15 years old
John has one of the most beautiful smiles as you can see. He is a huge help around the home. John is one of those people that can do anything with his hands. In the background of the picture where he is helping do laundry is where 'his' garden is. He has two banana trees and many ground plants growing. We are hoping to get him a huge amount of dirt as he really is wanting to grow a garden, the soil is clay and rock. He is faithfully outside by 6 am every morning watering his plants.

Alan..........9 years old. Alan is our softy, such a gentle boy making it real easy for the others to tease him. At school, he is the leader of his class, always willing to help anyone with anything. His father is deceased and his mom could not care for him. It was very hard for him to leave the northern village but he now says he will never go back.

Hannah................11 years old. She is our princess - being 'all' girl.
She will play football if they really need a goalie but she would never stop the ball. She is the youngest of 10 or 12 - she isn't sure. Her mom is on her own and couldn't care for Hannah. Hannah is doing extremely well at school and is an all round peace keeper.

Mark................14 years old. Mark is our 'tall' son, being much bigger than all the other children. He is a great help, all we have to do is ask. He loves to play football (soccer), play guitar and helps to translate for mom. He is very brilliant young man, now in grade 7. He is brother to Naomi and Moses. Their dad had kicked mom and the kids out of the house and the mom could not care for the kids. They have been in the home for eight years.

Moses...............18 years old and Samuel......................19 years old have both left our home and gone out on their own. They both are working and doing their own thing.

Sarah..........21 years old. Sarah graduated this last year and had hopes of going to music college this year, but that has been postponed until next year, so at present she is working. She has connections with a college in the United States that she is hoping to attend. There is so much 'red tape' that we have to go through to get these kids to another country. We do miss Sarah in the home too as she was very helpful but we do get to see her at church services on Sunday and usually at Praise and Worship on thursday.

Rachel.........21 years old. She has the biggest smile in this picture as she is at the Bangkok airport heading to Canada. Many first's for her; on an airplane, by herself, in Canada, in university, etc, etc... Rachel is staying with dad(Dave) in Kamloops while she is studying English at Thompson Rivers University. Rachel has always been such a blessing to have in our home, helping out wherever she can, so we have given her the opportunity to study in Canada and to be totally emersed in the English language. She says that her studies are going great and she is meeting a lot of interesting people.