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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why did I come?

I was blessed by having one of the boys home with me today and being able to spend some time with him in conversation without any interruptions. It is very interesting how the story has changed on why or how he came to come home with us from up north three years ago.

October 2007

At that time, David, was 11 years old. When we were in the northern village filling out paperwork, he was very anxious to get in our van and get on with the rest of his life. At that time we were told that he, himself wanted to start a new life........ anywhere, he just wanted out from where he was.

Today he shared: "My mom and dad did not live together anymore, because they always fought. When my mom saw some 'white people' arrive to help the poor, unwanted, unfed, abused children she wanted me to go. It was so hard for her to push me to go, but I was very willing. I had spent 3 years earlier living with just my dad. I was beaten regularly with a switch. My dad had a very bad temper and he hit me all the time. Then I lived two years with my mom but I had to go spend time with my dad sometimes and was continually beaten. Just before you(Dave & I) arrived my dad had been arrested and put in jail." - (David did not want to share that information yet.) So when we arrived up north, David was packed, ready and eager to come home with us and start his life new.

David...... September 2010

What a blessing he is. He is one of the biggest helpers in the home, always willing to cook a meal, clean whatever is needed and he has a heart of gold. With all that David has been through as a child he has such compassion for everyone. He will go places and is so anxious to learn about Jesus and the English language. Praise be to God!!