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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Cookies, cookies and more cookies. The kids love making cookies, so cookies we made...... hundreds of them. The kids looked after the making of them and Rachel and mom decorated them.

What did we do with ALL the cookies? Well, we packaged them up in lil' bags with red bows and delivered them to the neighbourhood. On Christmas morning all our family that could be together, 17 in all, went around our area singing Christmas carols and giving out cookies.

The singing was in Thai of course so mom mainly did filming. We are hoping to put up a short video on Facebook soon, providing we got some good footage.

The kids did awesome - it was so HOT! Many people came out to listen to us, many also wanted to pay us, but we thanked them and said no. We were Blessing them and handing out tracts to let them know that Jesus loves them.

Decorating for Christmas 2010

Decorating our Christmas tree is always so fun - to watch! How the kids love the tinsel.

We also had some plastic snowflakes from Canada that we put on the doors and windows. Plus, the kids cut out snowflakes. This is the first time any of them had ever made snowflakes so there were some real interesting shapes. (hey, they never have seen snow.....lol)

We also decorated our table Christmas like. Wow, all the preparation and then poof it is all over ..............
The kids are now back in school and mom has clean up to do. We all had an incredible day and the focus was celebrating Jesus' birth.

Levelling the Back Yard

A common job that many from across this world have seen or been apart of. There have been many wheelbarrow loads of sand and gravel that have been moved to our back (front) yard.

We have had to build the yard up about 1-2 feet with fill. Our kids have worked hard. They do make a game of it which makes the job more bearable. They really have been a major help with all the

We believe that the
yard is relatively level now - next job will be concrete. (Brian will you be up to concrete?)

Row # 1 - Mark and Victor.....................David
Row # 2 - Matthew & Steve....................Victor
Row # 3 - Ruth..........................................Victor

October 2010

Mom and Dad got a picture with two of our older kids. Rachel, now 23 years old, is working in Sriracha at a very fancy Hotel. She enjoys her job and is doing what she always dream of. Peter, 20 years old, is in his 2nd year Bible College, also in Sriracha. (We are so thankful that they are living in the same city as us.) Peter is doing great in school and is becoming an awesome preacher. His plans are to complete the 4 year program.