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Friday, September 18, 2015


RIVERS OF………..                  
we were needing rain and rain we got, and it’s still coming down. We have been told this is the first year, ever, that they have had flooding in this MooBan (gated community).  The kids think it is great – let’s play rain.

Going back a little bit;
In July, we packed up our whole house and moved. What a job. Cleaning, repairing, painting, cutting, tiling…..when we were done we wanted to move back in as it looked so good. We are thankful to be free from the 18+ howling dogs that lived next door, termites causing ceilings to collapse and the traffic noise.(We didn’t realize how noisy it was until we moved.) We are happy and comfortable. A much smaller home but it will do. The yard only takes ½ hour to cut the grass compared to 4 hours, which makes David(son) very happy.

This was the first of our 16 trips to the new house. We also had three trips of things we gave away and one to the dump.

Sanding and repainting our gym set.
Our first crop off our banana tree that we have been nurturing for four years!
           The excitement of receiving our new school books for the year.

Needed time for R&R…us girls
went fishing with the boys.

Good catch.

And games with the 7 Weeks
Team. (www.victoryasia.com)

BEAUTIFUL!! Our view
on our 5am walks…..we are
so blessed. The beach is
only a five minute drive
from our home.

The rain is still coming down.
This morning the water was
gone in the yard, but now it is
rising again. Crazy! Now the
kids want a boat – might be
a good idea.

There are new things up and
coming for our family. A
new church has been planted,
in Chonburi, by our Pastor.
We will be working with him,
evangelizing and bringing His
people in. We are excited and ready.

We are happy, healthy and at peace, which we pray over all our
partners and family. We love you and thank you wholeheartedly
for your commitment to enriching God's Kingdom. God Bless you. 

Prayer Requests – We confess God’s Word by faith and He will perform it.
  • ·      Registration of Learning Centre (favor with the government)
  • ·      Increase in our monthly finances
  • ·      Thanking the Lord for the victory in the Name of Jesus!

Financial gifts may be sent to:
El Shaddai 2  World Mission Continuum, PO Box 32056, Edmonton, AB, T6K 4C2
 Phone: 1.800.958.3352