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Monday, April 13, 2015

March and April 2015

We were ready and prepared when hundreds of young children arrived. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club from Pattaya funded and participated in a Children's Fun Day for Hand to Hand Ministry in Pattaya. Margaret, the founder of the ministry, asked our family to lend a helping hand. What a joy it was painting faces and decorating cookies. Our kids  just love on the children. What a blessing to be involved. 
We had a fantastic day.

Our first time leading, organizing and running a youth camp was unbelievable. Peter organized all the activities. There were 18 youth in this, our first outreach. The youth were from other home schools. All the kids were so excited, a couple were filled with the Holy Spirit, all participated with no complaints. 

There were some crazy activities but everyone was game, even for the 6 am exercise. Lets get down and get dirty.

The name of the camp was "Who We Are in Christ". We are looking forward to more camps in the future, our kids are pumped and willing. 

Naomi is leading the Children's Sunday School at our Thai Church. She spends many hours organizing, copying and creating the lessons. This is a song that they sang last Sunday morning. They have between 40 to 60 kids, a fantastic turnout. God is moving!

We, Peter and Mom, have been working hard getting all the paperwork done in order to get our Learning Center(home school) registered with the government. We cannot be a Home School as the kids are not legally ours, but the learning center has the same rules and regulations. This past week, on Thursday, we had thirteen government agents and school teachers invade our home. The teachers were from Darasamut Catholic School and the government wants them to test our children so they don't have to do it. Also, most of the teachers can speak and understand some English. 

 The 2 1/2 hour meeting went well. They pounded our kids with questions regarding home schooling, trying to convince them to return to school. The kids did not bite as they love being at home and being able to participate in other activities too. After they saw all our curriculum, the science kits, and heard of the extra classes such as cooking, sewing, music and mechanics, the agents and teachers want to attend our school. It did go very well. They just want us to put up a flag pole, raise the flag every morning at 8 and lower it at 6pm. We already have a Thai flag and we are sorta leaning towards - that is good enough - we shall see. We will be working with them to ensure all goes well.
At the end of the visit we could all relax and smile. Naomi is taking the picture and the other family of three came for support. (They have been home schooling for seven years.) Peter is doing a fantastic job of teaching the younger kids, Mom teaches the older group and Naomi teaches them all Thai and Art. Dad also teaches mechanics and Mom teaches Home Economics. 

The kids will be tested at the end of April so they can get their official transcripts from the government for the past two years of school. 

Please keep us in your prayers for...
  • Our school - El Shaddai International Learning Center- to be registered quickly.
  • The children will do well in their testing without worrying.
  • A new rental home as the present one is infested with termites.       
  • New books for the coming school year.
  • A new dining room table. 
Thank you all for your support in prayers and finances. We love you and pray for abundance in each and everyone of your lives.
Let His light shine in YOU!
God Bless